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Our company has been trading seafood products mostly in Italy since 1995.

The Aquolina®️ business department was set up in 2005 and has committed to the packaging of seafood products ever since.

From 2023 we started operating abroad in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg and Romania.

Nowadays Finpesca®️ looks to the future with an innovative spirit and caring for the environment, never forgetting its heritage.

“Free man, you will always cherish the sea”
(Charles Baudelaire)

Sede Finpesca

111 employees
31 outsourced workers
9.300 m2 covered
64.000 m2 plot
7.722.000 kg of fish sold in 2023

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From large-scale distribution to local fishmongers,our offer is ready to meet the needs of every kind of customer.


20 owned vehicles are dedicated to the daily supply of the main fish markets.

We are capable of providing an accurate daily distribution throughout Italy and abroad thanks to our partnership with P.F.R. Trasporti S.r.l., company’s shareholder since 2023, and other transport companies which contribute deeply to a more efficient and fast delivery service towards all destinations.

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Fresh fish

We have been selling fresh fish since always.
You can find us in the most important national and international supply centres, selecting and integrating the freshest products into the certified production chain.

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Frozen fish

We have a wide range of frozen products available, coming from the main suppliers which all guarantee for quality and product safety.

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Defrosted fish

The fish is defrosted by following the rules of the gradual thaw procedure, in order to preserve all its organoleptic characteristics and keep it to its best conditions.

Frutti di Mare
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Thanks to our local and outside suppliers we can provide and guarantee all kinds of shellfish available on the market.


Aquolina®️ department has two vacuum skin pack and three MAP packaging machines, which allow to efficiently store freshness and keep the product integrity.
Every tray is thermoformed and singularly labelled with a fixed or variable weight, depending on the customer’s needs.


The first and only one in the seafood industry, the Tematè tray is manufactured with a modified atmosphere, completely made of biodegradable and compostable biopolymers which allow the tray and its top film to be disposed of directly into the organic waste after use. This project was a finalist to the contest for innovative and sustainable packaging and as a matter of fact, has been awarded as Best Packaging 2022.

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This is our priority

We guarantee for all our products the best quality as they go through advanced analyse techniques which ensure a careful and meticulous control on fish accordingly to the current legislation.

Quality certifications

Thanks to advanced analyse techniques and caring for customer safeguard, Finpesca®️ is able to preserve the freshness and authenticity of the product.

Since 2001 in order to safeguard our customer welfare, we have been regularly certified with ISO 9001, IFS FOOD and Higher Level with BioAgriCert Organic Certification for biological product commercial selling.

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It starts with the product’s box going through a rigorous quality check at the moment of goods acceptance, then it is labelled with a bar code which identifies its lot number. All traceability information is stated on the label, from the product’s origin all the way to the final consumer. 


We believe a company should look beyond its economic or social purposes and treasure what the natural environment has to offer by giving something in return.
Here is our commitment to sustainability.

Pannelli solari
1446 Kw
Pannelli solari

2011-2012: first installation of the photovoltaic system with 450 kwp capacity on the rooftop of our facility (which can cover up to 30% of the company’s energy needs).

2018: renovation of all walls and ceilings with thermal insulation, installation of insulated doors along the passageways, new warehouse LED lighting system and a highly efficient and modern refrigeration system.

2022: we were one of the finalist of the contest Best Packaging 2022 published by the Italian Institute of Packaging thanks to the brand new Tematè tray.

October 2022: become the first and only company in the seafood industry honoured with the title of Ambassador of Carta Etica Foundation.

2023: once again we were one of the finalist of the Best Packaging 2023 thanks to the project Searcular idealized by Lucy Plast, which consists of a sustainable packing material composed by clamshells from processing waste.

September 2023: implementation of the ground-based photovoltaic system powered up to 995,4 kw, made up of 2.370 Trina Solar and 9 Inverter Huawey panels. It is estimated the system will generate 1.200.000 kwh annually (75% of the company’s energy needs, this means also 500 tons less of carbon dioxide production).

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